Tips To Create A Positive Work Environment

Create A Positive Work EnvironmentYou might be surprised to know the increasing importance of a positive workplace culture in the growth of the company and its employees. The recent increase in the number of top lifestyle blogs tackling the need of a healthy work environment itself proves that people nowadays are paying attention to these factors. On the request for a lifestyle blog focusing on a work environment, we bring you tips to create a positive work environment.

For the employers:

Handpick your staff: Hire the right kind of people and let go of the toxic ones. This is one of the most vital strategies to building the right work culture. Identify the ones indulging in office politics and let them go. Your employees won’t be able to thank you enough!

Build a comfortable workplace: Make sure the office is spacious, comfortable and well-lit. Your employees would be spending more than half of the day there, so try and induce those elements into your office which would reduce their work stress.

Have common areas: A relaxation space where your employees can take a break and unwind

Resume Writing Guide, Common Pitfalls To Avoid

Resume Writing GuidHiring managers look for certain qualifications before they decide to approve or reject an application. They mostly favor resumes that are error-free. Otherwise, they will discard the application.

In other words, stay away from these pitfalls so that hiring managers will consider you. Here are common mistakes you must avoid in creating job resume templates:

Inappropriate Formatting

Employers are often turned off with the use of formatting that is not suitable for the position being considered by the applicant. Basically, the industry or field you are considering will determine the kind of style to use. Choose either a functional or chronological format to show your expertise and qualification.

Flaws Slipping Through

Every employer would want a candidate who shows good communication and writing skills. Typographical and grammar errors are the most remarkable mistakes frequently encountered by hiring managers but are often overlooked by applicants.

If your document is grammatically imperfect, hiring managers will judge you as someone who is irresponsible and lacks conscientiousness. For them, if you cannot accurately spell even your desired position, “web developer” for instance, you are not worthy.

Choosing The Career Path That Suits You Best

Choosing The Career PathDeciding on what careers to embark on takes a lot of mental pondering and personal reflection. The path that you choose should match your skills, passions, and dreams. This article serves as a guide on how to pick the career pathways that suit you best.

I. Identify your interests.

1. List down the topics that you are normally drawn to – those you find interesting and enjoyable.\

2. Your interests should be independent of the opinions of other people, such as your teachers, parents, relatives, and friends. Although they greatly influence who you are, your choices should still come from yourself.

3. Here are a few examples of interest areas:

a. Arts

b. Current Events

c. Social Issues

d. Commerce

e. Enterprising

f. Literature

g. Athletics

h. Religion

i. Music

II. Review your values.

1. Values are what motivate us and move us toward specific actions, goals, decisions, and behaviors. They serve as “personal truths” from which our self-fulfillment, esteem, and resilience develop.

2. The things we value greatly influence our

The Factors Of Success

Everyone wants to be a success, who doesn’t? We have been speaking about it everyday in everything we do. That’s what Truly Rich Club have been teaching us and wanted for us. Let’s see if you are on your way there.

Choose the right move:

1. With your Brain – Mindset

My friend purchased a farm with irrigation in it. There are several mango trees and few fruit-bearing trees. The land was grassy but it really was a hard soil. He could hardly plant a good seed and he cannot plow the soil primarily because of the condition of the soil. It’s no surprise that there was a built-in irrigation.

It is the same with our mind. We could not plan for a great future if it is not fertile enough for good ideas; no clear ideas as to how you could possibly be rich and successful. Your brain is immature and no pure intention for success. Thus, you won’t be the person you are said to be and capable of. Your brain is the starting point. When you are serious enough about accomplishing all of your goals and dreams, it is a necessity

The Numerous Reasons Why You Would Possibly Consider A Job Change

There are a lot of reasons why a person would want to opt for a job change. Others might think that he or she is incompetent in the office, which is why the person is looking for a different profession. In other cases, others might assume that you got fired, which is why you are looking for other opportunities. Although there might be some truth in this, it does not necessarily mean that it can be applied to everyone who is looking for another job.

There are various reasons, and these are the following:

Most, if not all individuals who start looking for another career do so because they want a higher salary. If you find yourself doing the same thing and are still getting paid the same amount of money, despite the fact that you give your all and have been in the company for a considerable amount of time already, would you not want a better salary and great benefits? Sadly, not everyone who puts in more than 100% of their effort get compensated accordingly, which is why they are pushed to leave their current workplace. If you are unable to find what you

Ways To Retain Top Talent In Your Organization

Recruiters of the new Business World:

In a world where Entrepreneurship has shook the very roots of corporate culture and good talent has become hard to find and even harder to retain, Human resources management has become a corporate dinosaur being quickly replaced by a new breed of experts called talent acquisition experts. These Professionals get training in the modern and futuristic science of talent management and talent acquisition.

Many organizations have started to create flexible cultures to make their work places more hip to younger professionals most of whom are more prone towards getting involved in Startups where there efforts have bigger impacts than old mature organizations where their role was traditionally limited to single monotonous tasks.

These younger professionals are the real deal for businesses and their increasing scarcity has forced organizations to think creatively and come up with unique solutions.

Today we will discuss five ways to retain top talent in your organization.

Treat Them as Family:

Gone are the days when the customer was the king. The real king is the employee because if you have unhappy they will become reactive professionals instead of becoming proactive assets for

Social Networking Jobs

Looking for work is a hassle these days and as I talk to friends and family that are looking for work job hunting is not getting any easier. However, there may be a social network service that is trying to help people to get jobs, namely, tweetmyjobs. Tweetmyjobs is a career service that claims to help people to find jobs, search job listings, and find job openings.

Better Times for Finding Employment

Now people may be able to sit at home and twitter jobs and tweet job searches. In addition, the City of Atlanta joined with tweetmyjobs and now has a new website called the City of Atlanta jobs platform. This platform sends job information to people seeking employment through the social networking sites. Of course, this type of service was probably created and designed because employers may have as hard of a time finding employees as people are having a tough time finding jobs.

Is This Type of Employment Service In Other States?

Because it is a social networking platform it seems to be a service that anyone no matter what state may use. The sign up process did not take a lot

Steps Involved In Creating Career Pathways

One of the most difficult yet important decisions you are going to make in your life is what career you will pursue. When it comes to making plans for your future, there are so many things you will have to take into consideration. For instance, you need to think about what things you enjoy doing, your greatest passion, and what it will take to make your life fulfilling. Well, the good thing is that there are a number of different jobs, professions, and careers out there you can choose from. The only important part is your planning.

Planning your career pathways can be challenging, but you need not do it on your own. There are professional career mentors around you can work with to help you create a plan that can guarantee your success later on. Here is basically what happens in planning a career path.

1. Think of the things and activities that suit your personality well. By doing this, you may easily determine your own inclinations and identify the kind of career that can give you satisfaction in life. There are several personality tests you can take online, whose objective is to help you

Medical Resume Writers’ Remedies For Your Job

Just like everybody else, medical professionals also go through a tough job hunt process before they can start their careers in the healthcare industry. They must write their resumes, submit their applications, and wait for days and months to get an interview. Some are lucky to get a job in less than a week, while others have to hang on for long until they are able to get one.

So how do the “lucky ones” do it?

Medical resume writers say it’s all in your application. If you want to attract employers, your resume should be well written, complete, and organized. Below are some pointers you can consider.

Adopt the most appropriate format.

Some overlook the importance of proper formatting. A medical resume can be functional (focusing on relevant skills), chronological (describing previous professional works), or a combination of both. Depending on your situation, choose the format that will best showcase your qualifications.

Energize your words and sentences.

Use terms and words related to the medical field. Some healthcare agencies today use software to screen resumes to find potential employees. So it’s better that you have these words sprinkled throughout the document.

No Experience = No Job = No Big Deal

Dan Kennedy, who is a career consultant at the Ted Rogers School of Management Career and Employer Partnership Centre, wrote this blog post.

Have you looked at job ads these days? It seems like every job out there is asking for experience. Even entry-level jobs are asking for three years’ experience. How are you supposed to compete when the only job you have ever had is babysitting for your aunt or that part time gig at the local McBurgerWendy’s chicken joint. I mean, seriously, if it’s an “Entry-Level” job, why do I need three years’ experience?! C’mon man, That’s bull!

I agree, but that doesn’t change the fact that right now, the labour market is a buyers’ market. Employers are asking for three years’ experience because they can. Complaining about it won’t change much. Instead, you need to start finding places where you can get that experience now. Stop thinking about getting “work experience” and start thinking about getting “relevant experience”.

Here’s how you can do that during your time here at TRSM:

• VP of being kick-ass wicked: TRSM has 25+ different student groups and each of those student groups need people to

Resume Formatting And Job Application Advice

You saw a job advertisement online. The company to work for seems great and the job description is exactly what you have been looking for. In your evaluation, you meet majority of the requirements specified and you are fit enough to do the duties and responsibilities included. Now the only question hanging is, how would you be considered for the post? Read on for resume formatting and job application advice.

Format your resume before submitting it: Take time to study the job advertisement. Look for specific keywords the employers have included in the job description as well as the requirements. Customize your resume to include important words that employers might search in your record. This will increase your chance of receiving an interview request.

Familiarize yourself with what you’ve written: During the interview, expect the interviewer to ask you several questions related to the data you supplied them. This will test your knowledge on the qualifications and skills you specified.

Expect them to ask questions beyond what you’ve specified: You should also expect to receive questions outside the information you’ve written. Always expect the unexpected so you wouldn’t be surprised during the interview.


Do Not Curse At Work

We all have moments when we get angry, frustrated, or panicky while we are at work. Perhaps it is just moments before the end of the work day, you are finishing a report that your boss asked for, and when you hit ‘Print”, you discover that the printer is out of paper. In your frustration and panic, you may be tempted to curse, either out loud or under your breath. Resist the temptation. It may be very hard, but resist. Why should you avoid cursing, rather than speaking your mind and letting others know how you feel?

One reason is because cursing is offensive to many people. They try very hard to live good, moral lives. They donate to charity and volunteer their time. Part of their moral living includes watching their language. They do not use offensive language, and they do not want to hear it from others.

Another reason to avoid cursing at work is because if you give in and curse whenever you feel stressed out, your boss will notice how you react under pressure. He may then start cutting your hours back. After a while, you may find yourself out of work.

How To Find Your Passion And Make It Your Career

When you are thinking about working for yourself and setting up an online business it can be hard to know what direction to go in. Should you just go where the money is and set up websites about subjects that you have no interest in or should you aim for a lifestyle business that you can be proud of?

No-one can answer that but you; however just take a minute to think about why you want to go into business for yourself? Is it because you crave freedom to work when and where you want, you don’t want to take orders from a boss anymore, you want to travel or work from home so you can be there for your family? There are many reasons people turn to running their own business but most people are after freedom.

80% of the world doesn’t enjoy their job, if you create a business that you are not passionate about it will very quickly turn into a chore and those dreams of waking up and really loving your work will turn into hours of frustration and procrastination. However if you can find something that you are truly passionate about

How To Find The Work You Love

Are you somebody who despises your job, looks forward to getting off at the end of the day, and dreads waking up on Monday morning? I was one of these people and I pursued several different things attempting to find what I love. I jumped from one new job to the next trying out things on my own and failing. I’m going to tell you about people and ideas that are helping me find the work I love.

Why can’t I find the career I was made for?

Have you found yourself asking this question before? Don’t worry, you are not alone. According to an article by MSNBC, fewer than half of Americans are satisfied with their jobs. Also, less than 39 percent of workers under the age of 25 approve of their career. This number does improve as we look at older age groups, which means it is taking people a lot longer to find the work they dream of.

Why is it so hard to figure out what I want to do?

When I started branching out and searching for the kind of job I wanted to do for the rest of

How To Become Successful In Business

Business Success

Success in business is something that every single person can do. Many of us seek to obtain success throughout their lives. I have worked with and trained many people that have been successful and didn’t’t even realize it. Some of that may be due to the word being used in many different ways, and having as many meanings as it does us. As for me, I have personally been on the “success quest” my entire life. I love the word success and all of its uses.

Today I want to share with you how to become successful in business using techniques that I have used. These techniques have brought me success in business. I have also trained numerous others to repeat these successes. I have trained entry level positions up to Management positions. My main goal is to help others achieve success. Seeing others succeed overwhelms me with joy and even more so if I got to help guide them. I have been lucky enough to guide many individuals in achieving their goals. When success is obtained by a person it usually shows up in both their career and personal lives.

Today let’s

5 Reasons It May Be Time To Change Your Job

If you feel like your work routine has become an everlasting nightmare and your weekend consists mainly of negative thoughts or worries about the next week’s issues, then this is not a good sign because sooner or later, this is going to affect your physical and mental well-being. We want to avoid stress as much as possible, and though it is inevitable, we still have an option to lessen it. But if you are constantly anxious and worry about your job, then you are just making the situation worst. Aside from the obvious fact on your mental stability, there are still other reasons why you should consider quitting your job, and these are the following:

1. Your health is at risk – if you constantly experience headaches and anxiety due to work related issues, it simply means your health is deteriorating and the demands of your job is already taking its toll on you. You might also experience backaches and loss of focus on your tasks. You need to identify these symptoms early so you can do something about them.

2. You feel like your job demands too much from you – given too many tasks

Be Smart About Using Your Sick Days

Are you considering calling in sick for work this coming Monday or Friday? You may be tempted to take the day off so that you can have some time to do some things that you want to do. You might want to go shopping, for example. By going shopping, you will be able to add some great new pieces to your wardrobe. You might enjoy treasure hunting, one of your favorite hobbies. By treasure hunting, you might be able to find an item, such as a ring. You may then have a great time trying to track down the ring’s owner so that you can return it to him. You might also consider going out to lunch with a friend. The two of you can enjoy some great cuisine while catching up on the latest gossip. Be careful, however.

One reason why you will want to be careful is because if you call in sick when you are not really ill and then go out and have fun, people from work might see you out having fun and then might tell the boss what you were up to. You will then likely get in trouble. You might

Build Your Self Confidence

If you think you have nothing to offer, then it is going to be hard to have faith in yourself. But, the truth on the matter is, YOU ARE VALUABLE. Let Truly Rich Club tell you ways to see the wonderful things about you.

Reject Rejection

Stop listening to destructive criticisms. It won’t help you at all. Those that love to comment in a negative way consider that nothing is possible. They can be poisons even to themselves. Don’t let them remove your hope and spirit given that they have lost theirs.

What you need to do is to have inspiring people and friends who can make you smile amidst all of your sorrow. These are the people that could lift you up and bring the very best in you.

Discover how to recognize your positive traits as well as your strengths. There are plenty of them. Stop becoming a pessimist. Think not of what you can’t do but think of what you CAN do.

Do not let yourself be doomed to mediocrity. Self-doubt would not disappear but eventually you’ll get better dealing with it a day at a time. Don’t let insecurities

10 Simple Ways For Combining Traveling And Work

There are many jobs today that allow combining work and travelling. You can find options for both single-functioned workers and people with no working experience and special skills. Combining work and traveling is a dream for many people. And this dream can come true, no matter what your age, education or financial position is. Traveling is a part of many different jobs. Here are some of them.

1. Archeologist

You don’t have to be a specialist to join an archeological expedition. For young people it is a great way to learn new things, to discover something new about the human history and to travel, of course. You get a chance to visit some beautiful places and meet interesting people. Isn’t it tempting?

2. Pilot

To become a pilot, you need a special certificate and some experience. So, you’ll need to graduate from a college or academy. And besides the love for flying, you have to have a good health.

3. English teacher

If you are a native speaker or just know the language well, you can go and teach in many countries of the South-East Asia. There are many vacancies in South